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Transform text into TikTok voices like lady voice and more popular voices

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What is TikTok Voice?

it's an AI text-to-speech tool that uses text to generate TikTok voices like the popular lady voice,Siri, rocket, and Ghostface (scream) and much more. It also allow you to download the generated voice for video editing ,text reading ,and alouding e-book.

What are the application scenarios andadvantages for TikTok Voice?

- TikTok AI voice generator, can generate various types of voices, which are often used in TikTok videos.

- It is more convent for video editing in PC

- You can use some voices that can't be found in TikTok APP now

How to use TikTok Voice?

The TikTok Voice is very easy to use,:

- Choose the language and voice accent you want to generate.

- Type the text to be converted to speech in the input box,

- Press the generate button and wait seconds

- Play or download the generated voice.

I can't find popular voice I want

feel free to mail us what you want

How to add TikTok voice in my videos?

- Save the generated voice as an audio file ( MP3 format ).

- Use a video editing software such as CapCut that works on all devices (PC/iOS/Android).

- Export video with video editing software and then post your video to social media.

Is TikTok Voice free?

Yes ,it is a free text to speech tool

Can you generate the TikTok lady voice that sound like Siri?

Yes, choose the English US Female voice.

Can you generate the robot voice?

Yes, you can choose C3P0 in the English voices.

Can you generate Rocket voice?

Yes, choose Rocket in the English voices.

Do you support TikTok Disney voice?

Yes, some Disney voices are in the English category.

Where can I generate popular TikTok Voice into my TikTok video?

You can visit to use viral TikTok voice into your video